What is MashClinic?

MashClinic is a free-to-use site that provides sound clips of breaks and solos at slower speeds (without changing the pitch) to make learning easier.

Why did you do this?

This is a 3-part answer:

  1. Not everyone has access to (or knowledge of) audio software or apps to slow down sound clips. But most people have access to a PC, tablet or smartphone. This site is intended to fill that gap.
  2. I slowed down material myself the old-fashioned way before this site existed. Rather than do the work manually and maintain my own audio files, it’s actually easier for me to upload the song clip to a website and use automation to slow it down to different speeds. And instead of keeping them for myself, I make them available to anyone who wants to learn.
  3. I want to provide a service to other players that I wish I had when I was learning to play. Everyone knows you learn by sitting down with material you want to play. This is intended to make that process easier.

Is it free?

Yes. I refuse to profit from other’s music and creativity. I’m just providing a service. Other than reserving the site name, no creativity was needed to build this site.

However, if you find the page useful, I accept donations. Any donations will be used to maintain the site and bring future improvements.

Do the Musicians Approve?

If the musician is actively touring, as a courtesy, I verify with them prior to posting their material on the site.

In doing this, I ran into an expected surprise. Most (but not all) musicians I askĀ approve without hesitationmost even thank me for featuring their material. To me, this reiterates the notion that most professional bluegrass / acoustic musicians truly want to help others and perpetuate the music.